Wanted to share my story


We have been ttc since January 2017. In november my Dr put me on letrozole 2.5mg on CD3-7 to help ovulation because my periods were all out of wack. Well I didn't get my blood work for progesterone done on the right day. A few days early it was 4.47 ng/ml. I did not get pregnant that month. December I also started cabergoline because my prolactin levels were around 37-39 and leaving me infertile. December I also took my second round of 2.5mg letrozole and a week after ovulation my bloodwork was 8.67 ng/ml. I got my BFP 11 DPO. I tested again January 6th and still had a positive. Unfortunately on the 8th I had some major cramps and started to spot then bleed on the 11th.. Went to the ER and Confirmed my miscarriage. HCG level was down to 12 at this point. So I counted the 11th as CD1 and proceeded to take my 3rd round of letrozole on CD3. I had my blood work done today for prolactin and progesterone to confirm ovulation. Prolactin was 9! I can't believe it went from 39 to 9 crazy. And my progesterone was the highest it's been at 9.88 ng/ml... Hopefully I can get pregnant again this round! Oh we also used pre-seed for the first time this Month too👍