Increasing progesterone / improving ovulation. Any suggestions?

My progesterone levels are very low. They have been for every test I've had in the last 12 months, although for the first 10 months I was told I'm ovulating its find. But in actual fact my levels are very low and about as effective as if I wasn't ovulating according to my naturopath. They've come up a bit from 7 in Feb 2013 to 17.5 in Oct 2013 & Jan 2014. According to my naturopath they need to be up around 50.
​So I've been taking vitex for around 2 months and it's had no impact on addressing my low progesterone levels. I'm also on an estrogen cleanse diet to address my possible high levels of estrogen, which my naturopath says can cause issues with progesterone and the blance needed for conception. 
​Anyway after my ramble, can anyone else who has had this issue please share things they've done to improve progesterone levels.