Would you give your seat up for a pregnant woman?


I am 19 weeks pregnant and very large already. Idk if it is because I was very small (barely a size 2) before I got pregnant or what. I take the bus to and from work as everyone who takes my bus does. We live in the suburbs and work in the city. It’s an hour bus ride. One day my bus was so full, i would have had to stand for the hour. I asked if anyone would give up their seat to stand because I’m pregnant. I was shocked by the response. Most people gave me the nastiest looks and shook their head. One woman, who recently had twins, was nice enough to stand. I’m not sure if it’s the way I was raised or what but, if a pregnant, elderly, or disabled individual asks for a seat, you get up and give it to them. Am I crazy to think this? This happened about 2 weeks ago and whenever I get on the bus certain people start saying, she is the one who thought she was too privileged to stand. It just annoys me. I’m not too privileged to stand, I’m too damn pregnant!

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