How to not be bothered by mommy shaming:


A few weeks ago I went to toddler story hour at our local library. There was the normal assortment of typical "mommy types" there and even a nanny. :) While talking with other moms I mentioned that my daughter still has a bottle at night before going to bed, she is almost 2. Of course this lead to some mommy shaming. But this time I just smiled and nodded and.....

...mentally built my "Sanctimommy Fantasy League". My MVP right now is the mom who EBF even having every single physical and social barrier to breastfeeding to over come! "So how dare you supplement with formula?! Your baby will never get into Harvard that way!" A close 2nd is the "Never rock your baby to sleep or they won't sleep on their own but CIO is abuse!"

Who do you have in your SFL(Santimommy Fantasy League) ?