Will this eventually change ?


My 9 month old is really attached to me, more than she is to her dada. He works and I’m a SAHM so understandable, makes sense. Ever since I became pregnant & found out she was a girl I was ecstatic to see her love her dad & be a daddy’s girl as I never had a dad myself and i love them two so much I’m sure y’all can relate to what I’m trying to explain. Like most 9 months old she’s teething, learning to venture out on her own but also has a lot of separation anxiety. She says “mama” ALL day and she doesn’t want a lot to do with dad. He’s such a great father he goes above and beyond (probably more than me) which is why I don’t understand why she’s so attached to me, I know he goes to work but he’s so involved when he is here that it hurts me to see her reject him. This is not at all what I imagined and although I love that she loves me I sometimes need a break too. Long story short though she is currently attached to me, is it possible that this can change later on? How was your experience and how did it go for you guys if you experienced the same thing we are going through now ?