Preparing my field for rain

Amanda •

I'm 32, and my DH is 42, so neither of us are exactly spring chickens. On top of that, hubby has some fertility issues, so the journey to my BFP might prove to be a long one. He has one daughter from a previous marriage, and it took them almost 7 years to have her. We are determined that this journey will be as stress-free as possible, with much love, grace, and understanding on both sides.

Since my BFP could be a while in coming, I have decided that I want to do something productive with my time to distract me from any stress or doubts that time might bring. I think that whenever AF comes around, I will buy a $10-$15 gift card to somewhere (hubby's choice) and tell him he can have it when I get pregnant. When I get my BFP, I will give them to him in a special gift bag, along with some other things, as the announcement.

The Bible says that faith without works is dead, and this will be one of my ways to prove my faith in the miracle that will surely come to be.

Although this will be fun, help me pray that the contents of the gift bag will be relatively few! Baby dust to you all!