Finding god? What are some recommendations?

My question is how to get closer to god?

Besides reading the Bible and prayer?

How to have a relationship with god?

What chapter from the Bible do you recommend?

Back story:

My husband and I have been married for over 6years just last year we encountered some major issues in regards to financial issues, job loss(discrimination ongoing case) miscarriage, moving, had to live paycheck to paycheck literally only having $20 for the week and even had to turn to the government for some help. We had a rough year but it brought us much closer together. This month we are able to get back in our feet little by little and we were able to move to another town and are able to afford our rent. My husband and I have turned to god in the past and even went to church in the past but for some reason we stopped going and tried to find a good church and had no luck. It’s been over two years since we been to a church and now that we moved we want to start going to church again and try to find god in our life’s again. We want to start reading our bibles and find good church we can fellowship with..

Thank you in advance if you answered some of my questions.