A little love


*UPDATE: just wanted to share that my lovey boyfriend became my amazing fiancé on my birthday😍*

I just wanted to write an appreciation post. My boyfriend of 7 months is the literal love of my life. I met him at work. I didn’t think I wanted to date, I’d been single for a year after breaking up with my cheating, absusive ex boyfriend. This man swept me off my feet. He buys me little random things just because like Kit Kats because it my favorite or essential oils because he knows I love them. the other day I had such tired feet from my beautiful heels and he took his shoes off to give to me to wear so I didn’t have to walk barefoot (while he walked in his socks). He happily tags along with me to shop, he holds me through my anxiety attacks, he cooks, he cleans, he does everything I’d ever need. I think I’ve hit the jackpot. 😍

Here’s a picture of him asleep cuddled up next to our husky ❤️