i can’t believe he did this.

my fiancée is the absolute maddest man i’ve ever met. he’ll constantly try to snuggle me when he’s dead asleep. if i don’t lay my head on his chest, he’ll whine. well tonight, after a little romantic bath and some alone time, he passes out! (typical man am i right ladies) i got up to smoke (i cannot sleep if i don’t smoke a little weed. insomnia at its best..) and turned off the xbox and tv so he could sleep in darkness (his favorite is pitch black with all the fans on bc he sweats a lot??) after i turned off the xbox i went over to him and kissed him on the forehead and whispered “i love you” before coming into the bathroom and grabbing my bong. as i started to walk away, he mumbled “love baby”, grabbed my hand, and then turned back over. he’s the sweetest man anyone could ever hope for. im SO lucky to be in love with him 😩💘