Wow very frustrated

well where do I start today is my boyfriend and I anniversary along with valentines day. I was up early this morning like 2 am to like 7am like normal. not a single problem. go to bed and just woke up at 2pm. well go in to the bathroom and guess who vists????? aunt flow I have already had a period this month early this month. either way. I'm going to tell you what I'm very irritated every year it does this. it does not matter our birthdays aunt flow showed up unwanted or any holiday. I'm just so irritated I can't stand it. So of course I have to take a shower and my boyfriend is laying in bed on his phone and I tell him I have to take a shower. he asked why and I tell him that af showed up and I said we were supposed to have a romantic night together. he looked at me he said I guess not to night. eerrrrrgggg. am I the only one who would get irritated at this?? or should I just let it go and not be mad??