Hubby and I are no longer having sex

In the last few months, my hubby is so disinterested. Its not his testosterone. I doubt hes cheating. (or maybe Im naive) We moved to a new town, and he started eating bad and completely cut me off. The only times we had sex, I got 😠 and told him off. Other times I cried and I know he did it out of sympathy. (embarrassing). As time is going by, Im starting to not want him anymore. Im starting to dislike him. Im highly considering a side dude. I know I won't really but the thought makes me feel a little better. We have kids, but I always romance him and make time. Even my older kids are trying to help with the younger ones and telling us both to "spend time alone" "get romantic". He gets embarrassed. He does massage me though. What should I do?