What Subscription Box Would You Purchase?


I am looking start a new subscription box service and wanted to know which boxes would you purchase if you had to buy a box. All of thes boxes are monthly subscriptions. Here are an description of the boxes:

Men's Sock/Underwear Box- different styles for your preferences

Women's Sock/Underwear Box- different styles for your preferences

Bow Tie/Tie Box- different types of ties and bow tie Kid Toy Box- new toy every month

T-Shirt Box- any tshirt , graphic tees etc.. depending on preferences

Paint/Craft Box- directed to kids or adults , comes with paint, canvas, paint brush and an additional paint utensil & instructional booklet

Pet Box- specifically for dogs

Phone Box- cases, chargers,adapters

Dental Hygeine Box- tooth brushes, tooth paste, floss, mouth wash for the whole family including the dog

Therapy Box- crystals, chakra, candles, essential oils, mantra cards

wasn't able post them all

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