Expecting our rainbow on our 1st anniversary!

Daniella • Expecting our rainbow baby girl Oct ‘18💕🌈 • 28• married • mom to our fur babies (4 🐶, 2 🐱, and a 🐴)

I got pregnant on our first try last November but ended in a natural mc at 5+6 the Thursday before Christmas. We were completely and utterly devastated.

We decided we couldn’t wait to try again. My hormones had been a hot mess the cycle after my mc and I could’ve sworn I was pregnant again but ended up with bfn.

This cycle I started getting vivid dreams every night this past week (among other symptoms that I didn’t want to pay attention to since I’d had them the cycle before with no luck), and today (which also happens to be Valentine’s Day and our first wedding anniversary) we got our BFP, three days before my missed period!! We’re so hoping this little one sticks 🤞 ❤️🌈

I’m sharing this because for all of us ladies who have gone through losses, there is HOPE!!