The key to a successful Valentine’s Day


I’ve noticed a lot of ladies being very disappointed in their Valentine’s Day. So, I’ll tell you what the secret to a happy day and a happy marriage is.

I told my husband where to go, what to buy, and gave him the cash for it so he could feel like he was hiding the purchase for me (we have a joint bank account).

This also works for birthdays!

At least for my husband, he doesn’t have a creative romantic bone in his body. What I’d want as a gift vs what he’s bring home are miles apart. So, I make it easy for him and I’m not disappointed. He adds extra touches like a rose and mini teddy bear himself, but he feels like he can succeed in making me happy.

Some year, I might not have to prompt him anymore. But right now, he’s still learning how to give me gifts that are special for/to me.