Baby Eczema!!

My almost 4 month old seems to have pretty sensitive skin and breaks out with eczema constantly and I'm stuck on what I should be doing for his skin care routine. I've tried Aveeno's eczema cream and it just made it so much worse, then I tried their Soothing relief moisturizing creme for sensitive skin and it seems to work well when it wants to, I've even tried samples of Aquaphor on him and it seems to do a good job with skin moisture but I feel like it doesn't last very long, baby Vaseline did nothing but break his face out so much worse .. I've read that Cetaphil is pretty good but when I tried it on myself once upon a time for very dry skin I wasn't at all satisfied with the product it also seems to be a little more water based than other cremes/lotions that are for dry skin.. Cortisone did wonders and the rash would literally disappear within a couple hours thing is that it does contain steroid so it could only be used for a week as recommended by the physician. What is your eczema skincare routine for your little one? What did you find worked best and would recommend? And also are there any facial wipes you were able to use without it causing an outbreak?