My boyfriend ex girlfriends


So me and my boyfriend have been having arguments on and off for a while because of his ex girlfriend who completely ruined his life mad him lose everything his job and family messed with his head cheated on him then theft him a mess when me and him started talking he explained what happened and I do indeed know his ex very well but never got on with her and since she found out we where together started texting and ringing call me worse than anything started following us everything he promised me had blocked her and had no way of contacting her yet I’ve got proof he hasn’t done that yet when he asked me to stop talking to Mates because they where lads I did so I blocked them to prove I wasn’t doing anything wrong he even went through my phone without me knowing yet I asked him to do one thing and he can’t even do that which kills me inside he keeps saying it’s me he loves and wants to be with but for some reason can’t block her he’s also changed his phone password and hides who he’s texting but tells me it’s his mate , barring in mind I am 4 months pregnant with his baby dunno what to do as he had a really strong past with her but now he’s got a job has money and back on good terms with his family the only issue is he can’t stop responding to her messages and says he has to talk to her because of his job and that he’s the manager so had to deal with her as he fixed her car it’s so frustrating that he doesn’t listen or he lies about talking to her