Encouragement plzzzz

I had my first angel 6 months ago and never expected a wash of ppd to come over me. It happened fast, around week one. I was seen immediately and given Zoloft. I am so anti western medicine that I knew it was bad for me to want to take it.

I started on 50 mg then was told to go to 100 after 2 weeks. My dr now said I should have been given anti anxiety med while waiting for Zoloft to kick in, not increased dose. Oh well, at least I got better advice. So 100 ended up being too strong, 75 was good but I was able to get to 50mg by month 4.

Then my baby got the flu and I forgot to take it at night (I take 25 am and 25 pm) taking care/worrying about her. So I’ve been at 25 but I think it’s too low because anxiety is creeping up on me. However I’m getting nervous about taking it for so long like am I ever going to be able to go off it? Is my body going to be dependent on it? I’m scared of that.

Have anyone taken Zoloft longer than 6 months and been able to go off it ok?