do I need a blood test?


I'm 21 and I have had pcos since 15. We aren't necessarily trying, but we aren't preventing it either. I had my last period January 6th,(today is Feb 19) it was light and only three days.(mine are usually 4-5) about a week after I got a sinus cold and weird cramps. I had the weirdest dreams. Some I was pregnant in them. I thought I'd just had a long cycle at first, but the cramps were just weird! I've never felt anything like it. Almost like indigestion but in my uterus area, kinda like a bubbling burning mild cramp. I cramped for four days or so. After about a week, my Boobs became ridiculously sore and heavy feeling. Big blue veins popped up and even my boyfriend noticed. I couldn't even wear a sports bra because it hurt too bad. It was mostly at night too. They swelled more at night. I felt soooo bloated and tired. I even fell asleep on the way home from work a few days. I took two tests, five days apart. The first test was negative but at the 10 min mark there was a little line. First Signal is known for evaps, so I didn't trust it. I tested the next Monday and it was a bfn.

Now I'm a little nauseous here and there. a few pimples popped up. I can't stand certain smells I used to love. I love nacho cheese but the taste is gross to me now.

I can kinda smell a little better but only certain things. Still bloated. Mild indigestion.

I'm so so so gassy and I pee 10 times a day even if I don't drink anything.

Is it all in my head? Did anyone else experience anything like this? Do I want a baby so bad I've tricked my body? I have medicaid because I have lupus too, so getting tested at the doctor is hard work. I wanted to get other opinions before I called to schedule.