Am I wrong for not wanting to have a middle man


Um where do I start. Okay maybe with hi lol. No okay so basically I was with my soon to be ex wife for about 5 years. A lot of bad but also good but too much bad. When I finally decided to walk away I did and didn’t look back. But then I talked to her again but I was very certain I was not getting back with her. So we’ve spent these past 8 months off and on talking. I moved on with a former high boyfriend and she found this child, I mean an other girl. Now I’m alone again but still have problems with now not only one girl but two. Can someone tell if I’m wrong for being mad at this child trying to dictate my life. I understand that I am a threat to her relationship bc my ex wants me back but she knows she has to move on. They had problems and this girl left. Now she back again but now she’s telling no threatening my ex that she can’t talk to me or she’ll leave again. And she wants me to talk to her about the phone bill bc my ex still has her phone under my account. Maybe she shouldn’t but it isn’t a big deal to me so long as she pays it. Am I wrong for not needing to go through an unnecessary step. Just yesterday I yelled at me ex for upgrading and now that I think about i was only mad bc it was this child who was talking to me about it and then she asks I don’t know everything hold on. I was like b*** fu****

It’s hard not to ask how she is bc I spent alot of years for this person and i can only speak to her in regards of the phone but am I wrong for not wanting a third person involved. The reason I call her a child bc not only does she act like it, literally throwing a tantrum when she doesn’t get her way primarily but she is also 6 yrs younger than me