Supportive partner ❤️


I just reached 3 months and I wad EBF and it has been quite the journey. Filled with tears, smiles and every emotion in between. I’ve always just “made enough” meaning my son Lucca has been able to feed but when I pump I get little to no supply no matter what I tried (piils, teas, diet, power pump, pump on one/feed on other). I wanted to build a supply so bad. I was terrified of going to work, having to supplement and if Lucca would reject breast after a bottle. I returned to work and being hopeful, I packed my pump. To my surprise I sat for my first pump 4oz. The next pump 4 more. And now a few weeks back pumping has been so successful. Maybe I don’t have a huge supply but I pump for the next days feedings and give breast at home. Hubby has been so supportive, researching things, wiping my tears, helping the baby latch in the beginning. I come home every day and he washes my parts and separates my breast milk and repacks my bag. I found this yesterday. Feeling extra lucky. 😊😩

& here is our nugget 🤗