This group was started simply bc I have been in other groups like “unexplained infertility” or “secondary infertility” both wonderful groups. I just felt I needed something to cover more of what I’m going through and women like me. Who has a child and has been ttc and yet has no idea why it isn’t happening.

So, a little about me, I’m 28. DH is 31. Been ttc #2 for 3+ years. Sperm analysis was normal. My multiple blood tests were normal.(besides my thyroid being a bit off nothing major) HSG was normal. Had an exploratory laparoscopy done to check for endometriosis ( stage 2 endo) found some on my tube which was what caused a past ectopic pregnancy. Other than that it wasn’t really anywhere to actually hinder my ability to conceive beside maybe inflammation or what not. Ummmm what else oh I start ovulation medicine next cycle to put me in overdrive and am quite hopeful for the next few months❤️ excited to meet more people who are facing something similar ❤️❤️