So my one year old has been going to daycare for a few weeks now. She went to the same daycare last year when she was around 6 or 7 months , I ended up not letting her go back after a couple of weeks. Well I started school and wanted her close to me so I decided to give this daycare another try because it was more convenient since we take the bus to and from school. Well I’m getting extremely concerned, every time she sees the director of the daycare she literally freaks out, just cries uncontrollably like she’s seen a ghost. The first couple days she started going she cried with the other teachers but that’s just how my baby is , if she’s not familiar with you she cries , until she gets used to seeing you. Well after the 4th day she didn’t cry when I dropped her off, but every time the director is there she just throws a fit. The lady just chuckles every time and says it just because my daughter doesn’t see her often. The director is there at least 3 times a day it’s to the point where my baby should not be screaming every time she sees this lady , she doesn’t do that with any of the other staff but her. Well this morning I went to drop her off , the teacher that’s normally there had to call of late notice so the director had to open up until someone else got there , when we got inside my baby saw her and just lost it she cried and screamed so hard and ran back to the door as if she wanted to say don’t leave her it literally broke my heart I never seen her do this , I’m really hoping she’s not getting mistreated and I don’t want to question and accused any one of anything but I’m just so worried and praying she’s not doing anything to my child. Am i just overreacting or should I express my concerns with the director?? Can someone please give me advice