Need a rant 😞 over bearing mil alert


Need to rant ! I’m gonna put this in basic and short as I just typed this and it deleted 😑. I’ve always got on with my mil but since ds was born I can’t stand her she’s too over bearing and always thinks she right ! It’s not how the world works give and take kinda thing. We see her few times a year for special occasions as oh and her don’t get on due to her being a shitty mother to say the least in the past. He’s always got on with my family and I’d live with us for a year and half when his mother refused to have him live with her at age 20! I’m pretty sure she’s one of these that loves baby’s and toddlers hates anything over ! We were fine got on really well actually until ds! She hated the fact I only wanted my oh and my mother in for his delivery why would I want her there when I see her 4 times a year 🤷🏻‍♀️ she always left my oh out of everything to the point we didn’t even get invited to his nieces birthday parties ! She was not interested in him in the slightest even while I was pregnant actually up until I was 38 weeks pregnant 🤔 then she wanted to be round every day it’s too much when you don’t know someone that well but we just went with it thought she was just excited well it hasn’t stopped and he’s now 6 months old and she’s grinding me to the point I can’t shut my mouth any longer ! I can’t even be in the same room atm she’s so rude and arrogant! She thinks as she related it’s her right to do what she wants with my son ! I’m sure it’s because she had such a shitty relationship with her son she no thinks she’s gonna relive his life through my son! It’s unbelievable sometimes anyway she’s well known to wake the baby constantly, which I hate it’s the one thing I’m strict with let him sleep and I never wanted him to be sleeping in peoples arms as my oh works 6/7 days a week so would end up once everyone’s gone home me having to get the baby to sleep on me, such an awful person for wanting my baby to learn to self soothe 🤣 anyway he’s a great sleeper at 6 months no rocking to sleep no dummy no sleep crutches no crying at bed time or nap times my craziness worked ! I cannot fault him but it’s what he’s always known! Anyway any chance she can speak to loudly or he stirs she starts talking to him I mean half the time his eyes aren’t even open and she’s rubbing his legs or something which annoys me, if he’s awake first thing I do is give him to people to hold and play with so she gets to see him ! She tried to wake him Boxing Day for a photo and I just lost my shit and just looked at her stern and said no he’s asleep I mean he’d been asleep 10 minutes all day and it’s lunch time ! It’s always down to me to settle him after she wakes him too as oh works a lot so doesn’t really know how to she’s just so selfish! Anyway big problems been since we got him christened. Back row of church was supposed to be for mil my mum my dad and partners nooooooo her entire family took the back 3 rows including her friends who some id never even met let alone the baby! Annoyed before we even started that my mum and dad had to sit 6 rows back and stand in the aisle of the church just to watch him be christened . 85 guests we had so you can guess everyone wanted to see him and he was shattered hadn’t slept all day but I just kinda thought it’s one day when he’s tired he’ll pass out on me lol 🙈 (never usually does as he’s never beeno allowed to fall asleep on us). I was making my way round each table slowly so everyone got to say hi to him! after a while my mum noticed all the food was going and I hadn’t eaten and my oh was off getting drunk with his friends typical , any excuse 🤷🏻‍♀️. So gave baby to my mum and miracles happen he fell asleep within 5 minutes so we popped him in his pram and she went and sat in the garden with him wrapped up so he could get a decent nap in ( usually goes 1.30-2hours ) anyway with my mum being out there half hour mil taps my shoulder and said can she take over rocking him , I did say no straight up my mums happy baby’s asleep it’s fine enjoy yourself he’ll be awake again soon mums happy coz she hasn’t seen dads side of the family in years and not as awkward for her sitting out there anyway! Within 5 minutes of me saying that mil has completely ignored what I said and taken the pram off my mum and my mum said she wouldn’t take no for an answer and she didn’t wanna wake baby, low behold 10 minutes later baby only been asleep 25 minutes he’s woken up what a fucking surprise ! I was livid ! She then got the baby out the pram walked straight past me and plonked him on my oh who had been continuously drinking for the last 3 hours I was livid!! Anyway oh bought him straight to me as he wanted to carry on with his friends and she was just staring at me ! Everyone commented on it who I was sat with and I hadn’t mentioned anything to them! Anyway I carry on working round the tables and she comes over and says can I take the baby to our table again so I said ok just to shut her up went back and got him 20 minutes later carry on my journey . Then oh comes past and hear her moaning she wanted some of the christening cake we bought . Baring in mind he’s staying at the pub after I take baby home I got to take baby home on my own with all his presents pram and a 3 tide cake ! We’d already said day before we weren’t cutting the cake up at the pub as would make it harder for me to take home , she kept on and on and on and after half hour he asked me if we could cut It I literally lost it just said grow a pair of balls and say no ! 3rd time in one day shed some something 😑. Half hour later she comes over again says can we have baby again this time I’d had enough and just said I’m working my way just be patient I’ll come back over but there’s people who haven’t seen him yet so instead of just saying ok that’s fine she kept on 😑 again ... so this point people are looking but she has no idea what a pain she is ! Anyway baby got ratty again within 20 minutes and I decided to take him home I’d had enough big time! My mum and aunt helped pack the presents into the car which she could have helped with but instead just sat staring at my mum making her feel uncomfortable, I’m sick of living like it all it does is make me and my oh argue if I stand up for us! I wouldn’t mind but she’s not even nice to him either and he puts up with it but I can’t see her treat him so bad and I certainly won’t let her treat my son like it when he’s older either ! I haven’t heard from her since as oh been working weekends not even a text to say how are you and the baby! I’m on maternity I’ve told her she can come by every Tuesday on her day off and all I got told was “ohhhh Tuesdays my day to do what I want “ she won’t come round if it’s just me and baby only if oh is there which is rare and I don’t see why we shouldn’t be able to spend one day of that a week as a 3! She doesn’t even live close enough to just pop by it takes 40 minutes to get to her house coz she decides to move away. it’s made me miserable for the last 6 months does anyone have any ideas on how to stop making her get to me as much as she does or how to stop this ! I honestly think she’s the reason I was so depressed after I had ds