Tinder Boy? Advice Needed


Okay guys so I need some advice.

Matched with this guy on tinder, and he is insanely attractive. He was just looking for a hookup, and I was just on it because I was bored.

We haven’t hungout because I have been super busy with school and now I’m out of town. We plan to hangout next weekend when I get back.

He’s been texting me, and as we have gotten to know each other, he’s started saying I’m literally his dream girl and we get along super well.

We both agree that we don’t want a relationship atm, but he keeps talking about us being together for a long time, cute together, etc.

Am I missing something? Like does he actually like me or is he trying to convince me to sleep with him with emotions? Like I am so bad with reading guys


I’m not wanting to date him. I don’t really care about if he is into me or not. I just wanna know what he thinks he’s doing because it makes no sense.