So I don't have any girlfriends to tell so imma tell ya'll about the bomb dot com sex me and my boyfriend had last night, so get settled in and enjoy 😍

We have done anal successfully once a long time ago and have tried multiple times since because he loves it and normally I do too (my boyfriend has a larger dick than I'm used to), but it hurt me too much. He was hinting really hard about trying again and I was like okay we can try it again (because when done successfully, it feels so good to me) but I told him maybe we should try a lot of foreplay to get me relaxed instead of just making out and going for it and omg be really followed through with it.

I have extremely sensitive ears so he started kissing, licking and sucking on them first, then worked his way down to my neck and breasts and just licked, sucked, and kissed them until I was writhing around on the bed. Then he kissed his way down my stomach and legit bit the hem of my panties just so they would snap me (he knows I like a bit of pain).

He kissed my thighs and licked that spot between the end of the thigh and the panties. He pulled them off and then went down on me forever just moaning into me which is a total turn on btw and grabbing my hips and ass and breasts 😍

Then he comes up and is like what do you want baby? And I was like baby I need you right now inside of me so I pull his shirt off and he takes care of his shorts and gently puts it inside of me and starts going incredibly slow and it's literally killing me. So I start moving and thrusting faster and then he starts going harder and I'm right on the edge but so is he and he isn't wearing a condom so he tells me to stop for just a second. I stop and he just takes a minute to calm down while I'm dying because he's still inside of me and I was so close to orgasming. I asked him if he was good and he was like yeah and I asked him if I could start again and he told me yes so I just went for it and he went for it to and all the while he was asking me if I was going to cum on his raw dick and that he wanted me to cum on his dick and DEAR LORD I DID. LADIES NO CONDOM ON A DICK FEELS SO AMAZING.

So after I came down from that cloud I tell him it's his turn and that I want him to fuck my ass tonight and he's like YESSSSSSS

So we get the lube out because I've been so sensitive the last few times, I get down on the floor and let him get everything ready 😂 he starts lubing my ass up and just keeps telling me to relax and if it hurts we can stop and take care of him another way but I'm like no we are doing this tonight. So he starts to finger my ass a bit first just to get me used to it, then gently puts his dick inside my ass and DAMMMMMMNNNN it hurt

But I told him to just go slow and work himself all the way in and omg imma tell you after be got all the way in I was fine and bouncing back on his dick for more. He was like hell yes and asked me if I wanted it harder and I was like hell yes baby so he just fucked me hard and fast and came in my ass...

It was great, knees were shaking and I could barely walk to the bed. Having sex with someone who knows exactly what to do to turn you on and drive you crazy is amazing. And just so you know I'm on birth control so no worries on that front ladies 😘