Implantation bleeding or mc? Freaking out right now


Ok so I’m with a new guy in a new town and I haven’t been able to get back on bc yet. He says he’s very potent, but we have been careful...except for one day, and he almost forgot to pull out on another day (a little bit wasn’t caught). I am 5dpo according to glow and have started bleeding.

It started with some lower back pain yesterday then dark red spotting with some light cramping this morning. It has now progressed to a brighter red slow “flow” and more cramping. I am not due for af until not this weekend, but next. Everything I have read says implantation bleeding usually isn’t a bright red “flow”, but I know not everyone is the same.

If it’s not implantation, could it be another mc? I had two at 2wks, 4 years ago and nothing since until now.

Right now, if I am preggo, this is the last thing we need. Although it’s what I’ve wanted for 13 years.

I haven’t said anything to him yet, but my stress level has been through the roof, and now going please, anyone who has experienced anything similar, let me know....