Scared of parental judgement..

I have an about 2 week old and we took him on a little walk as it is 60 and sunny today, and suppose to snow tomorrow.. We haven’t been out of the house yet besides drs appt. So we put together his stroller and bundled him up in about 5 diff layers and a blanket. We just went around the block like 10mins. On the way back my neighbor came out to meet him and said “the breeze is getting him” and “he’s going to catch a cold.” I told her what I said here, that it was only a quick walk since it’s nice out (60!) and he’s super bundled up. I know I’m over reacting, but now I feel like a bad mom.

Us FTM’s already have so many worries and concerns about 989millon dangers for our babies, it sucks that moms seem so quick to shame other moms!