Being shamed out of breastfeeding my 10 month old because I’m pregnant

Aarika • Mother to an angel baby & 2 rainbow babies born May 7th, 2017 ❤️🌈 Nov 7,2018 ❤️

Probably going to be a long read but we recently found out I was pregnant again (March 11) I’m not even past the 3 month mark but it doesn’t really matter any more. I have a 10 month old who I’ve been breastfeeding since birth and my MIL has been trying to persuade me not to breastfeed him because it’s “bad milk”

My 10 month old hasn’t been eating well lately, he’s holding the food in his mouth and spitting it out. Mil is saying that he must be feeling my symptoms and that’s why he isn’t eating. We went to see his doctor today and was told it’s ok to breastfeed but she’s been insisting on formula because I’m going to “stop breastfeeding anyways”

I’m feeling so depressed right now because I know it’s ok but my husband will side with him mom so I really have no idea what to do.

I kinda wanted to keep the pregnancy private until after three months (we had a miscarriage) but she’s been insisting that we call my sons doctor and let them know I’m pregnant and if we should stop breastfeeding so I’ve called about 3 times and even went to the drs office. So now here I am taking a bath with my son and avoiding breastfeeding. So far I’m pretty sad about being pregnant and regret telling anyone in the first place