I knew what i was getting into

I knew before I married my husband that he isn't one for house work. We lived together for two years before we tied the knot so I was very well acquainted with his cleaning habits- he doesn't have any.

Now don't get me wrong, he will clean up his trash that's been piling on up on his side of the bed, and he'll take the trash out if I ask. But that's the extent of it.

Washing clothes is out of the question, doing dishes, vaccuming etc will never happen.

Funny thing is it never bothered me until a few days ago.

My husband is a really hard working man, he works weekends but during those 3 days he works 54 hours(at a manual labor job) and his drive is an hour 1 way..... So I've always been okay with his lazyness.

Mondays are his recuperation days where he sleeps literally all day, which is fine because I'm usually at work and our son is at school.

Tuesday -Thursday he does nothing but surf Reddit, play gun game and mod gaming devices for fun.

I work Monday - Friday from 9 till 2. The job isn't physically taxing, but I work in customer service and am surrounded by screaming children most of the day.

Then I have to come home clean and cook.

Like I said until recently its never bothered me, but within the last week or so its like dear god man do a load of fucking clothes or wash some fucking dishes!