Birthing class

When I found out I wanted a baby I just knew I was gonna take every birthing class available, every cpr class, every breastfeeding class, every “momma to be” class. I just knew I was. Then I blinked and I’m 39 weeks along and no such thing has happened. I started worrying. What if I was gonna be a bad mom now? Or what if I couldn’t breastfeed all because I was too lazy to go to a 7 hour class on a Saturday? Or what if my CPR certification expired and I suddenly forgot how to save my babies life even though I’d done it multiple times at the daycare I worked at.. or what if I couldn’t push my baby out because I didn’t know how to breath???

Then the time came, I sat at home having contractions and learned to breath through them on my own. I laid on the hospital bed and decided the baby couldn’t stay in there forever and pushed with all I had. I held my baby during skin to skin and saw his lil lips trying to suck and I just knew what to do. I held my baby and knew I wouldn’t be a bad mom just cause I didn’t take some classes. I knew classes wouldn’t teach me how to be a mom. My baby would teach me how to be a mom.

Don’t stress if you don’t have time to go to the classes or if you don’t have the money to do them. Or if you just don’t want to. Yes I’m sure they’re great things to know but trust me, there’s so many nurses willing to help you with anything. You will be okay.