Butt stuff ?!? 😮 Poop!?!

My 19th birthday is 4 days away!!! I’m in a long distance relationship with my boyfriend of 3 years BUT we’ve only met one time before, a month ago we went on a date and had awesome car sex but it was just standard positions. For my birthday we are getting a hotel room, we have other stuff planned but not gonna lie, I feel like we’ll probably cancel everything and spend the whole time in bed 😂 He really wants to do anal but I said no absolutely not. Then he asked if he could just finger me in my ass and again I said no, I don’t want his fingers anywhere near my ass! I said he could maybe, MAYBE buy me a butt plug and fuck me while I wear that. Then he said, “but what about a vibrator? Let me use that on you while I’m inside you” and I agreed, sort of. I am honestly just TERRIFIED of poop!!!!!! That’s literally the only problem I have with anal. I just know that the whole time it’s going to feel like I have to take a big shit and what if poop actually gets on him or on any toys we use? And also, I feel like having something vibrating in me there is just going to make it worse!!!! I am soooo embarrassed in regards to bodily functions, I would die of embarrassment if I farted near him and I’ve already decided that I’m going to eat very little so that hopefully I won’t have to poop while I’m with him and I’m going to take poo-pourri and baby wipes with me just in case I have to go and I might even try to make an excuse and get him out of the room or sneak off myself if the urge hits me and I have to go. I am just terrified of pooping in front of my significant other ya’ll 😂😂 don’t ask me why, I don’t know. So if poop came out while we were being intimate I would probably cry, or die, or both. Help, what can I do about this? I’ve got a serious dilemma here lol 💩