The Pain of Seeing the Lines Fade

Desiree • Mommy of 3 precious Angel Babies ❤

Yesterday, 2 days after I got my blood work done at the ER to find out I'm losing my baby, I took a pregnancy test at home. I couldn't believe I lost my baby. I still don't. the line is so faint it had to dry up to be visible. I'm going in a few days to get bloodwork to confirm the loss with the doctor. My 3rd angel, but the pain never gets easier. I don't feel recognizable. work is Hell. absolute agony. today isn't much easier, and it's only 5:45AM. going to talk to the doctor about grief counselling. To all mommies of angels, how do you cope? the first I was 10 weeks and the second was a chemical pregnancy but this grief was stronger because saw his beautiful heart fluttering away for the first time. at only 7 weeks he stole my heart. help..?