Who's being selfish?

My boyfriend and I are at my apartment. I didn't sleep well last night because his room was hot and I had watched a scary movie that I couldn't get off my mind. 😅

Anyway. He has a project due tomorrow at 6pm that he decided to do tonight. He's had weeks to do it. Not even that, he had a weekend where he had nothing to do and wouldn't go anywhere with me because of it. He didn't even look at it. He played games all weekend.

So he had the light turned on and I can't sleep with lights on. So I got upset because I'm exhausted and I have class in the morning. He said I'm selfish because I don't want the light on. But I think he's selfish because he's had forever to do this project and decided to play games all weekend instead. And he has time tomorrow to do it.. so who's being selfish??

Me or him?

P.s. It's not almost 3:30am and he still has the light on keeping me up. I gave him the option to go downstairs and he wouldn't. 😡

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