27 weeks


27 Week ultrasound. I had only gained 2 lbs at 24 weeks in my whole pregnancy my doctor told me yesterday she was concerned about that but as of yesterday I gained a total of 6 lbs so my doctors happy. He was measuring 2 weeks behind at 24 weeks but now he is only off by 4 days. He is perfection an with this being my firstborn and probably only baby I really have no complaints except it’s going by so fast. Last night I realized even though I’ve been happy it’s going by fast I cried cause it seems too fast. I don’t want the time to just fly by I want to enjoy every moment of this. An even though I feel him roll and kick and slide his body against my skin I don’t feel like I’m having a baby. Is that weird? Like I know I’m pregnant lol I know he will be here in 3 months give or take a couple weeks but I don’t feel like it’s real. I have a heart condition always told I could never have a baby got the all clear to have one 3 years ago found out I had infertility pcos took us 2 years with one miscarriage to finally get were we are. An I couldn’t feel more blessed just doesn’t feel real. Like it’s a out of body experience watching the ultrasounds. (I’ve watched so many on YouTube that maybe part of the problem) I’m sure when we set the induction date or when I do the walk through or when I’m getting set up to have him or hopefully when he is put on my chest I will realize how real this is but as of now I still can’t wrap my head around it. Either way I’m so in love with him. An feel so blessed to be able to say I made him.