Another pregnancy announcement that isn’t mine 💔 ⚠️ Long Post ⚠️ READ IF YOU FEEL LIKE NOBODY UNDERSTANDS

I know I’ve only been trying for 9 months and “it takes a normal couple 6-12 months to conceive”, but they only tried once. Twice max. Why? Why do they get their miracle and I don’t get mine? Why does the 19 year old who already had one child when she was 16, get have another baby this time with a different father. I’m married. I’m young. We have good jobs. We’re happy. But there’s a hole where our baby belongs and it seems as though everyone that doesn’t deserve a baby, gets one first. Yeah I might be being selfish. Yeah she’s my sister in law, yeah the other one is my husbands best friends wife, yeah the others are my close acquaintances. But I’m allowed to be hurt. I’m allowed to feel bitter for a little bit. I don’t have to be happy for them right now because they don’t know how bad it hurts to feel like you’ve failed. It hurts. My mom wants a grandkid. My mother in law is already getting her first grandkid and we all know the first are the most liked.. not that that’s a huge deal, but they said they weren’t gonna start trying for 2 years. They ended up trying the month we got married and hit the nail on the head the first month. They admitted they just wanted to be first. And then his best friend? Got married and the next month, “we got a positive test!” They know we’ve been struggling. They know. I’m hurt. I know you girls that haven’t gotten your miracle are hurt. What can we do though? They won’t help us unless we’ve been doing everything we can for a year. Stressing ourselves to the max for a year. And sometimes they won’t even help us then because “were young”. I WILL get pregnant. You WILL get pregnant. We WILL get our miracles. We WILL get those two lines. We WILL get to make a cute announcement to our husbands, our moms and dads, our siblings, our in laws, our families, our friends. We WILL grow a bump that is our little bean. We WILL have a beautiful baby shower where our friends and family show their love for us and baby. And we WILL give birth to a healthy baby. Positive mindset here I come. Who’s with me? ❤️