8 years ago (trigger warning)


So I have timehop, it's an app that shows you what you've posted through social media and google throughout the years. Yesterday it showed me that I posted a FB post saying that I had surgery and in a lot of pain. Well, that opened up my memory that on that same day I was raped by my then boyfriend. It put me in such a terrible place. It took me forever to come to terms that in no way could I have had any say in what happened. I couldn't have been okay with it. Hell I was so doped up I'm surprised I remember it happening.

I had surgery to have my gallbladder removed after 2 weeks of pain. I had my son 3 weeks prior to my surgery.

Surgery was in the morning and after minor complications, I was home midday. Boyfriend no where to be found (sister in law watched my baby boy) and after begging him to come home, he does but my parents take my son to watch and left me home with that monster. I am 3 weeks postpartum, and had surgery that morning but he had sex with me- he raped me.

We broke up when my son was a month old. And then he did a lot of bogus things where he was a very unsafe person. He hasn't seen my son since July when we took a DNA test.

Well yesterday was 8 years since that's happened... but yesterday while I was waiting at my sons bus stop, this loser pulls up next to me and tries to talk to me. I am hurt that it was 8 years to the day. I haven't seen this asshole in years. Fucking years!

That's for listening to me rant and get shit off my chest. I haven't told anyone about being raped by this monster. I can honestly say I've get it's been my fault.