Bad day.


So today I had kind of a crappy day at work right? Well after I decided I would go to the store to get Easter eggs for my daughter. I get out of the car I saw a curb so I stepped up and walked across the divider then I knew I had to step down on the other side of the curb. Well I wasn’t paying attention and I fell off this curb.

I fell on my knees and caught myself with my hands but of course heard a crack on my foot. So I sat there and waited for my mom to come get me and we went to urgent care they said the baby is fine he’s kicking, moving around, but I fractured my foot. They wouldn’t do an x ray, but based on the way my foot looks they think I cracked it, so now I’m in this boot

Till I see an orthopedic doctor and I could be out of work for 4-6 weeks :/ talk about a bad day man.