Toddler stomach bug


Anyone’s little ones have a stomach bug or vomiting yet? My daughter is 21 months and this Sunday night woke up vomiting. This was my first time dealing with this so I was panicking and took her to the ER. They gave her anti-nausea medication and she didn’t throw up again, actually ate some crackers and drank pedialyte. The next day she didn’t want to eat much, but was back to normal as far as playing and acting like herself. Yesterday she had less of an appetite as the day went on, took a three hour nap and then didn’t want to eat or drink anything. Around 6pm she threw up again, just a little and just once. I gave her the anti nausea meds again and she was totally fine after that. Slept fine over night. I’m just worried about her lack of appetite. Does it take a while to go back to normal? What type of food should I offer her? Thanks ☺️