So my boyfriend and I just had a baby, we were good at first but then we started bickering about things. I felt like he wasn’t helping me much and when he would get off work he’d go straight to the gym and not really help me out with the baby. I’m a new mom so I’m still learning everything there is to being a mother.

So I had to go back to work and his mom offered to take care of the baby, I told her yes that’s fine I’m still trying to figure out the daycare stuff. And she called him saying I said no to her watching the baby which was NOT the case. I appreciate her offering and of course I’m going to say yes because I don’t have anyone else to watch her and I know eventually I need to get her into daycare which I planned on doing anyways, my application just hasn’t been reviewed.

So fast forward to the week she’s going to be with the baby my boyfriend gives her money for watching her which was just odd to me considering she offered and he said she didn’t want money but still took it anyways. Its just odd to me paying family for watching her when she offered and her husband asked me to bring her whenever because they want to see her, it’s their first grandchild. So his mom went to work the next week and his sister said she could watch my baby, For the week. Again he’s paying her and then threw it in my face that I wasn’t helping him pay them. I told his sister thank you for watching her my application is getting reviewed so I’m getting the daycare set up. But it started an argument with us because I wouldn’t charge my family to watch their baby if I had offered, but I guess maybe that’s just me. If you’re offering to do something you’re doing it because you want to and you don’t expect anything out of it but if you’re offering and expecting money then just say that upfront.

So now we’re arguing and he calls me names says I’m I’m ungrateful, I again say family shouldn’t charge you if they offered, my family wouldn’t anyways. So he says very hurtful things to me about not having a family which was really it for me. I don’t have my mom around and my dad lives in another state so that kind of just hit home and made me break down. He said their not watching her anymore to figure it out myself again that I’m ungrateful and then calls me out my name. So we stopped speaking I texted his mom telling her I’m sorry and that I really am thankful for them watching her, I told her what he said to me and for him to stay at her house because I was just done. And 5 minutes later he comes home and acts like everything’s okay with us..

Calls me babe, tells me he bought the baby something, just acts like we’re completely fine. So the next day he stays home from work so I didn’t have to worry about where I was gonna take my baby while I’m at work, and he talks to me like we’re okay, he didn’t apologize to me for the things he said he never does so I should know better but it’s just crazy to me how someone could just stoop so low. I told him we’re not good, and just told him how I felt about everything and his response

was “ok idc” vented again and he said “whatever you say ttyl”.

Clearly he doesn’t care but is still living in my home. We haven’t spoken in a whole day and now I’m just stuck between texting him and asking him what’s going on if he’s gonna leave or waiting for him to say something to me. Everything is so frustrating. I love him but is this really it?? It has to be? I can’t imagine staying with someone who could hurt me repeatedly and never apologize. Sorry for the long post I have no friends to talk to so this is it for me

Update : I just texted him and his response to me was “I’m busy ttyl” lol I’m so doneeeee