Second Thoughts About Keeping Baby

I’m having second thoughts about abortion. I originally told myself if i was under 10 weeks I’d go get a medical one with the pill. Found out at the doctor today I’m only 5-6 weeks. Thought I was around 8-9.

So, I’m early enough to have one done but I’m starting to have second thoughts. I’m almost 21 and in college and been with my boyfriend and living together a year.

He wants an abortion because of timing and finances.

I have PCOS so me getting pregnant at all was a statistical rarity, so I’m having mixed feelings about it. One minute I think to myself, I can’t have a baby right now, it’d ruin everything and I’m already broke. The next minute, I think to myself that women with pcos often struggle to conceive and maybe I’m lucky and should reconsider. I sincerely do want kids, but preferably in a few years.

Any advice from other young moms or moms to be or people that aborted? I’d like to hear all perspectives.

(Spare me the religious argument against abortion, that’s not gonna be the slightest bit helpful to me.)