Any experience with large fibroids?


At 6 weeks 3 days I was told I was miscarrying, two days later they found the heartbeat and told me the baby was safe. We believed for two days that I was miscarrying and they were the worst days of my life until today.

Today I turned 10 weeks and we learned our baby’s heart stopped beating a week ago. The doctor scheduled me for a d&e; tomorrow and sent us on our way.

When we got home they called again, the full results of my ultrasound came back. They found a fibroid the size of an orange in my uterus, which complicates everything. I just want to move on, this pregnancy was my first and has been such a hellish ride. I’m now scheduled for a d&e; in a hospital with more support on Friday, and they’re hoping the fibroid will shrink on its own when all of the hgc is out of my system, if not I’ll need surgery in order to ever hope to have a full term pregnancy.

I thought the worst of today was learning we’d lost our baby, but now we’re facing the possibility of being unable to have a healthy pregnancy and I’m utterly lost.

Does anyone have experience with large fibroids, or heathy pregnancies afterwards? Needing some hope to hold on to today. Thanks ladies 💜