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I had a hard long labour that end with having to be put under for a c section. Once I came to I couldn't sleep because I was so alert and high off of a drug. I end up being awake for 5 days, I started to break and cry... Nurses took my baby away at night so I could sleep but I still had to pump and snack through out the night. One night I heard my baby crying because she didn't have the attention a newborn needs. Then I snapped and had a manic fit.

Now a doctor things I'm bipolar....

Postpartum psychosis runs in my family but the doctor says I can only have a manic fit it in bipolar... he wants me on meds for life... but why? If I'm better now why do I need meds... I can't even walk up at night to take care of my daughter and Iv been just listening and going along for 2 months now. (Mid 30's no signs before, history of physical and verbal abuse.)

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