Dead inside ☠️

So I feel like I can’t tell people how I feel because I usually feel nothing.

I don’t know why I just do.

I don’t like to be touched or hugged unless it benefits me in some way.

And if I hurt someone’s feelings I am not sad or upset for them.

I feel if I tell people I don’t feel anything they will think I’m a psycho.

Like I don’t even hug my mom or my brother unless I’m sick or something.

I love them but don’t feel attached.

I am bipolar but I don’t know if this affects why I always feel nothing.

I do have rapid mood changes but I feel them coming.

And I warn people to stay away.

I have only one emotion and it’s anger. And it comes out a lot.

I like to make people laugh and be sarcastic but I’m borderline cruel to do it.

Idk. I’m just dead inside ☠️