Really stuck💔


I’ve been with my Alexander for 4 years and we’ve been talking about marriage later on . I’ve prayed on it a lot and even just prayed that if he isn’t someone I’m actually going to marry then make it gods will to do as he pleases with my relationship. I love him with all my soul . I just have one big problem he doesn’t believe in god . I understand some ppl don’t which is fine I just don’t know to to marry an atheist 🤦🏽‍♀️. I’m not a big religious person but I do believe in our father . I asked him how will we get married, since I can’t married him under god, he says he’ll let a preacher marry us I tell him my church will not marry us since he is not a god fearing man then he says they don’t have to know and to me idc if they know or don’t I will not Deceive my brothers and sisters and lie to god . He says welp we’re getting eloped and boyyyyy did that piss me off 🙄. I’ve known about this before I guess it never bothered me till marriage or in the picture . I’m not sure what to do and I’m starting to think that by this problem I’m having actually might b a answer to my prayer what if he isn’t the one 💔😩