Going to sound crazy..

I feel like i know my body. I have a son whos 2. Ive been on the pill since him but tbh i have been a lousy pill taker.. missed a few days or more every month. Anyway i stopped taking them in march as we wanted to try for another.. i had no period beginning of may i got a few positives and then i bled so i put it down to a chemical and never went for my scan.. now im late again ive been sick on and off since marcj sore boobs and recently ive got the bumps around my nipples which are darker and are constantly hard. I am exteremely bloated to the point where my husband asked if im still pregnant... i mau sound crazy now but for the past week ive felt on and of what feels like baby kicks. I had a blood test which came out negative but i really think i am pregnant what can i do.. please help