Did He Cheat?

So this is kind of long but I will try to make it short. So I'm married and our anniversary is Monday. And my husband is the only one who works because I'm currently 33 weeks pregnant. Well his hours has been cut at work and he has been having 4 days off a week. Well lately on his days off he begs me to leave home and one day I did because I didn't want to argue with him all day. Well anyway I got home at 9:50 and when I walked in MY house it wreaked of sex. And he started running towards the back of the house. So when I confronted him he said he thought I was the maintainence man (we live in apartments). And I didn't believe that because why would the maintainence be at my house that late at night? Then I confronted him about the smell he said he was masterbating but I didn't buy that either because it never smells when he does it. I have a cousin who stays behind me who actually asks to have an orgy with me and my husband and later that night my husband tells me that if I'm down with it he would do it. So I stopped talking to her haven't talked to her in months but the next day after I walked in my home and caught my husband running she randomly pops up at my door. She claimed she was wondering if I went in labor yet but I don't buy that. I believe she was looking for him and didn't expect me to be home. What would you ladies think if this was your man?