MIL and potty training

My MIL bought my twins potty chairs for Christmas.. ok cool that's ok with me. She told me "it'll be easier when they lean to walk better".

They are now 16 months old and she is constantly asking my husband if I started them on the potty chairs. I told him to tell her I tried sitting them on it and they screamed and ran. Now I just have them in view and they play with them. She still ask and keeps saying how much we can save on diapers (we cloth diaper anyways so we pay little to nothing and she knows)

But am I crazy for not started them on a potty at 16 months?!? They are available, we have a downstairs bathroom and they come in with us when we use the potty and I've been telling them "Mommy's going pee" and when they get their diaper changed I say "you went pee pee/poo poo".

I feel this is plenty enough for now and don't really plan on pushing it until after 2 y.o unless they show me signs they are ready.