Have some questions.... Need help...!!!

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So I made a post about a month ago thinking my fiance having psoriasis. We went to the Doctor and he told us that it was an allergic reaction. But we don't know what could have caused it. My fiance works at a grocery store in the produce section and I know he is allergic to kiwis and bees and that all that we know that he is allergic too. And when he is at work he don't touch the kiwis at all. So back to the Dr appointment they gave him a shot and some hydrocortisone cream and he said if it doesn't go away in 2 weeks then come back. So the shot seemed to work for about a week he was not itchy at all the cream seemed work ok not great and we been applying it twice a day as the Dr said too. Now he is itching all over and it doesn't help that he scratches ( I've told him multiple times to stop scratching) and I know it's hard not to scratch. I have eczema and I struggle with it all year. But this "rash" is just getting worse. it's all over his body and the "rash patches" are HUGE! And he thinks that our dogs have caused an allergic reaction we 3 and one is a puppy so we are in the potty training phase and he thinks it's the puppy urine that made him break out. But idk if that's what caused this "rash". cause our female had a litter in 2016 and it didn't break him out so I'm not sure and also my fiance is type 2 diabetic. So my questions are. Can dog urine give you an allergic reaction? Can diabetes give you a skin rash? What can I do to help calm the itchy skin.? We been putting on some oatmeal to exfoliate the skin and help with the redness which help some. Do you think Aloe Vera will help that is from the actual leaf? So I know we got to make an appointment and we will be doing that tomorrow. I would have done it for him today but the people at the Dr office won't let me make appointment for him because we are not married and even tho we are engaged I still can't. Thank you for reading this super long post! Any advice helps Thank you again!