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Grace • It’s a boy!!

So, I know my bff says not to worry about what others say. I had a son, from a previous marriage, who passed away shortly after he was born. His name was Daniel Angelo. My current husband has asked me several times about honoring my son by naming our son, due in September, Daniel Allan. His mom said she thought it unfair to my husband’s son by being number 2, not that that is even a thought. I asked her if she’d be ok if we named our son after my husband’s dad and she’s fine with it and when I said how is naming our son Daniel any different than naming him Robert? She didn’t answer but just gave me a “thumbs up” emoji. My bff says she thinks it’s sweet my husband wants to honor a child that wasn’t even his, but because he was mine he loves him just the same. So please let me know what you think. Thank you.

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