First field trip 😭 help


So I live in Florida and my son is in kindergarten and this month they are going to have their first field trip to the Crayola experience but my problem and panic is that from the town I live in it’s a two hour drive. Plus my son has adhd and they would be leaving at 8am and not coming back till 5pm when schools over at 2pm and he’s home from his bus at 2:30. I’m just scared about this because he already has problems not listening to his teacher and wondering off that’s why u literally always hold his hand. And he takes medicine for his adhd one in the morning than another at 12 in school so it’s just so much to think about. I honestly don’t know what to do because i don’t want him not to go and go to school the next day and his classmates tell him what he missed. I wish I can go drive up there with him and follow the bus but my car isn’t in the best condition to have a two hour drive. Plus my SO works that day and he can’t take off but he has off the morning he goes in at 3pm so if we go we would have to take my son early from everything they have planned that day 😩 I need some advice ladies please